The joys of fandom.
*flails and runs into a wall* A year or so ago... I wasn't active in fandom. Honestly, I'm pretty sure it was because I didn't know how. I didn't know what Lj was, or how to use tumblr. All I really did was write fanfic and that was it. Then came Merlin :) A whole new world opened for me!! I've made so many amazing friends. I never feel alone anymore because at any given moment, I know there will be a friend that will be awake (the one good thing about time differences) and be there for me to share my joys and woes.

I joined a fest and subsequently discovered a Merlin chat group now known as GSD_Fandom. Ngl. You guys have ruined me for other fandoms, the bar is now set too high!! Where else am I going to find such loving and amazing people?

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Finally mounted them :D
A long, long time ago. A talented as fuck artist with a heart of gold sent litle ol' me some of her works. I kept them well loved for months, promised to frame them but the hell beast that is uni kept me away from my task. (The fuck am I saying?) Anyways, uni is over and I finally got the time to mount and frame them. They are so fucking glorious and I'm sorry that the picture I took doesn't do it justice. There's just glare EVERYWHERE and I blame being in Australia where the sun and heat can't take a hint and just piss off.

These are by the ever so wonderful altocello. This is her DA here and they're all just amazing so go, go GO.

It's hard to see but the detail is fucking insane. I can see every delicate hair on his lashes and brows and the eyes are so vivid it puts the blue mounting to shame. Oh god and the textures are so gentle. When I opened them I was so scared of damaging them I sanitised and then baby-powdered my hands just to make sure I wouldn't taint the precious things with my grubby fingers. HAHAH

Of course she told me later that she sealed them so they're a lot more sturdier than they look. If I were selfless I guess I would pass these onto my descendants BUT I'M NOT. So taking these with me to my grave. Muahahaha.

Not sure if strip club or fandom AU collision.. (NSFW)

The ever lovely etharei took me to all male strip club. Muahaha. So of course I had to take pictures... no flash because it would've been too obvious and I didn't want to distract all those manly men doing their job :P Oh actually, at one point I took a photo of them naked... which.. was one of the times where I wasn't meant to. Guess it's not too bad when hot naked guy takes your camera :D Of course I have my phone back and he didn't even delete the pictures! He just asked that I not post the super filthy, naked naughty ones. Semxy pictures below:

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...Epic LiveJournal Fail...
...I guess this is a post that will actually be fandom related. Actually.. It would be more of an apology post I guess? SOOooo... I didn't know that you had to friend people back when they friended you to see them? On the Friends list? Don't get me started on the Friends Page. When blood_songs90 first told me about the Friends Page I was like "Woah! So a fb wall where I actually look forward to looking at to see news about my fandom friends?!"

Anyways! zairaalbereo has been laughing at me but is also very graciously trying to teach me how to use lj. I really hope it's not a losing battle. I figured out how to friend people back en mass and she was like "Look at your friend's list." And I did.. and I was like to her.. "...Why so many blue arrows??! (insert Z laughing like a loon) Then she taught me how to friend people back.

In saying this, I'M SO VERY VERY SORRY IF IT'S BEEN AGES AND YOU'VE BEEN WONDERING "Why hasn't Demi added me?!" It's because I'm an idiot and Lj hates me...

*HEAD DESK* I'm so sorry peopleeeeee.

...And here I was wondering why my Friends feed was so empty..


Pumpkin soup~

My dog.


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